The 2019 Vacationer was designed for adventurers who want a luxury resort experience without the membership, the neighbors, or the restricted views. It’s a Class A Gas that delivers on first-class ideals with five meticulously laid out floorplans that provide full-scale luxury from front to back. So, get ready to enjoy your next vacation with all-new interior and exterior enhancements, an automotive-inspired cockpit with dual monitors, new paint colors, and more.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Allowing owners to experience the outdoors from the comfort of their coach, the Vacationer Extended Living Edition (ELE) features a rear patio unit that folds down and snaps into place as easy as 1-2-3. Available on the 36FP floorplan, the ELE includes an exterior entertainment center, lavy conveniently located off the patio, and a kitchenette—all accessible through a MORryde® Zero-G rear door.