Spring forward into adventure

February 26, 2021

Launch your spring 2021 plans, now!

Right now is the perfect time to get 2021 into high gear with some pulse-pounding adventure. In this installment, we’ll serve up to three destinations that will raise your heart rate and leave you grinning, ear-to-ear. And speaking of flashing your winning smile, we’ll be sharing tips on making sure you can see and be seen in your Holiday Rambler, day or night. Then, we’ll kick back and visit a unique new distillery that’s old at the same time. And since February is the shortest month, there’s no time to waste! Let’s go!

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Spring forward: Three springtime adventure destinations

With winter still in full strength, now’s a great time to be planning your next epic quest in your Holiday Rambler. We’ve picked three locales focused on three exciting activities that are sure to include high energy, adrenalin and good times. Ready? Let’s move out!

Moab, UT: Off-road adventure

When it comes to making an epic trek in a 4×4, Moab stands as one of the most mentioned places on earth. Featuring miles of mountains, canyons, and extreme obstacles, you can choose your vehicle (rented or your own), and your trail (guided or unguided). The region offers plenty of places to camp as well as numerous trails and climbs.

Moab features a number of other activities as well: Arches National Park, Fisher Towers Rafting day trips, Canyonlands National Park tours and you can finish out the day with a sunset jetboat ride with dinner on the Colorado River—all from your basecamp in Moab!

Richmond, VA: Whitewater rafting

When the melt-off comes to the Appalachian Mountains, it packs the valley rivers with some thrilling seasonal rafting and kayaking opportunities. Grab your paddle, your life vest and hop in with a river guide at RVA Paddlesports. A rolling and splashing good time is sure to be had by all! Plus, while in Richmond, you can take a more leisurely route with one of their riverfront canal cruises. And the food is diverse to please any palette, with local favorites including L’Opossum (never mind the name, it’s not what you think!) known for their amazing halibut and crabcakes.

Boca Grande, Florida

If doing some extreme fishing sounds exciting, you’ll want to head about an hour south of Tampa, by Pine Island, for one of the many marinas offering charter trips. Real Intense Inshore Charters offers amazing fishing for tarpon, shark, jack, and sheepshead. The varieties are vast and the experienced guides know where to find them. Later on, you can dine at one of the hundreds of great restaurants overlooking the inshore inlets or the Gulf of Mexico. Or, bring your catch to camp and feast! One trip to this area and you’ll be hooked.

High Visibility: Seeing (and being seen clearly) day or night

As with any sport or activity, the ability to perceive and anticipate hazards and obstacles is paramount to success. The same goes for safely navigating the roadways, especially in the winter months when daylight hours are scarce and the road never seems to run out of things to throw at you to hinder your vision. Here’s some practical advice for prep and while driving your Holiday Rambler.


Keeping headlights properly aligned and the housings clear of dirt, snow and ice is important. Many of the coaches now have LED lights but not all. Little-known fact: headlight bulb filaments dim over time, diminishing light output. This is why most lamp manufacturers recommend changing both bulbs at a time. If your headlight bulbs are looking tired, the solution might be as simple as replacing the bulbs. However, replacing these can be more difficult than it may seem so it may be best to have a professional assist.

Markers, turns, tails, and brake lights

A burn-out marker bulb on the body of your coach is an eyesore, but a burn-out turn, the tail or stoplight is an immediate hazard to you and drivers around you. A good practice before any trip is a pre-check with another person to visually confirm proper operation. Also, keep a fresh stock of these bulbs in your toolkit. They are not difficult to change and you don’t want to drive with a dead turn or stop lamp as doing so is an unnecessary risk.


Windshield wipers, while appearing fairly simple appliances, are quite sophisticated. They are considered a wear item because they wear from use and the rubber or silicone on the blades deteriorates from time and exposure to UV sunlight. To function properly, the wiper arms must allow the blade to flip when the wiper changes direction. If this isn’t happening, you’re likely getting the poor performance that requires new blades and a possible adjustment of the mechanism. And the time to decide this is not in the middle of a downpour. Test them often and get them to replace them before it becomes a necessity.

Mirrors and cameras

Side mirrors are vital and now cameras are, too. They all need to be at their cleanest possible to perform their function. Mirrors should be properly adjusted as well since most RVers keep their field of view a little too tight for what’s needed—you should only see a little bit of the side of your coach when viewing from the driver’s seat—this enables you to see a wider field of view for merging vehicles entering your proximity.

Following these tips, combined with safe driving habits and taking the appropriate precautions, you’ll be driving into springtime weather with confidence!

Logging in at Log Still Distillery

Set to open in Spring 2021, Log Still Distillery is being built at Dant Crossing, near Gethsemane, Kentucky, in Nelson County. The 300-acre property includes a fishing lake, walking trails, and more, far beyond the typical distillery with a restaurant and bar (it has these, too). Additionally, Log Still will feature a 13,000-square-foot event venue, outdoor amphitheater, and a train depot by the end of this year.

The Dant family is the force behind Log Still Distillery, with Lynne Dant, a fifth-generation distiller and one of Joseph Washington Dant’s (the original distilling Dant) 53 grandchildren. According to Lynn, there will be two main product lines under its Monk’s Road brand name. One will be Kentucky straight bourbon and rye whiskey and the other gin, both dry and barrel finished. Check them out! Logstilldistillery.com

(Please enjoy responsibly)

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