Hot for adventure.

October 30, 2020

Temps are falling. The road is calling.

You’re not about to pack it in when the weather gets colder. In fact, we suspect you’re just getting warmed up to the idea of hitting the road for your next episode with the crew in your Holiday Rambler. So, let’s do this. Grab the keys, grab your boots and let’s find some remarkable experiences.

One more for the road: Best BBQ places.
No matter if you like it sweet or with extra heat, finding a legendary Barbeque joint is a perfect way to satisfy your cravings for smoked beef and pork, not to mention succulent sides like red beans and rice. Wash it all down with a house IPA or favorite lager while you make fun of each other’s BBQ bibs. If the hunt for the perfect smoke up whets your appetite, you owe it to yourself to wheel into one of these renowned establishments.

Bonus: Bring back a brisket in your Holiday Rambler and share just enough of it to make your friends jealous of your conquered quest for succulent smoked rib perfection.

Heady haunts: Spooky adventures
Did you know there are more than 4,000 haunted attractions in the U.S.? It’s time you and your crew got a high-voltage adrenalin rush by making plans to camp nearby. Best of all, the campfire at your Holiday Rambler is the perfect place to base your scare-fest adventure from, then return for laughs and maybe one more big scare with a climactic ghost story. We won’t tell your friend about the creepy, web of rubber spiders you placed in the cargo deck when you send them to fetch out a blanket! If you simply can’t get enough screamy delights, perhaps this list of the 50 best haunted attractions (one for each State) will fit your penchant for horror. And, don’t forget to sign the waiver, which can be as long as 30 pages! Happy hauntings!

Cold prep: Features and tips to protect you and help prepare from the elements.
As you foray into the colder climates, make sure you’re prepping you and your Holiday Rambler for the elements. Plan for a little extra time for warm-up and careful driving when reaching your destination – haste makes a hazard if the road gets slippery. Make sure you check tire pressure, too, as every ten-degree drop can result in 1-2 pounds of pressure loss. If you have a front-end cover for your RV, it’s time to install and protect your investment. It’s also a great time to make maximum use of your basement storage compartments for extra gear like heavy boots, coats, gloves, and hats. And, make sure you’re not storing beverages in the basement compartments when it gets cold – this is no place for a soda fountain! Entering the colder months is also a great time to schedule your Holiday Rambler for service and a complete checkup at your local dealer, or at one of our REV Service Centers!


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