How To: Clean a RV Toilet and Black Tank

June 28, 2022

Learn the easy way to clean your Holiday Rambler’s toilets and treat the black tank, too.

Cleaning your toilet is essential housekeeping for luxury RV living. In the video below, Kristi from the Adventurtunity Family shows us how to keep your RV’s toilets sparkling, as well as a few key products to use in the process:

What you’ll need:

  • rubber gloves
  • a toilet brush
  • wipes
  • an RV-friendly or mild multi-purpose cleaner
  • a container of holding tank treatment

How to clean your RV’s toilet and black tank:

  1. Using the wipes, clean the outer surfaces of the toilet, each of the lids, the entire bowl (especially under the lip), and especially the seal
  2. Hold open the ball valve, spray some cleaner down the drain, and use the toilet brush to thoroughly scrub to remove as much debris as possible
  3. Next, fill the toilet bowl with water and evenly sprinkle in some of the holding tank treatment
  4. Finally, flush the toilet to remove the toilet tank treatment

If you experience any issues with your toilet and/or black tank, make sure to find a dealership near you and get some in-person help from certified experts!


Adventurtunity Family


Meet Spencer, Kristi and Kade, a.k.a. the Adventurtunity Family! In September 2020, they embarked on an adventure to live full-time in their 37′ Holiday Rambler Vacationer. Originally from Baltimore, they have traveled the country in their RV and are sharing their adventures, insight and tips with others in the hopes of inspiring them to hit the road and explore, too.

Learn more about the Adventurtunity Family here!

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