Keep your RV cozy.

December 22, 2022

Don’t look now, but Winter is here. If you’re planning to give your faithful RV a well-deserved rest, you’re going to want to winterize it. We know what you’re saying, “We emptied the tanks, cleared out the fridge and even made the beds – we’re good.” But without legit winterization, you could do serious damage to your RV.


Water freezes and expands in pipes and hoses, and can cause them to burst. Frozen water in your water pump can cause it to malfunction. Winterization also detects those tiny leaks that can lead to big damage later – like in the middle of your first road trip next Spring. 


So how do you winterize your RV? The easy answer is to drive to your local RV dealer or service center and have your RV professionally winterized. For your convenience, our REV Service and Repair centers have locations in Decatur, Indiana and Coburg, Oregon. Proper winterization leaves very little room for error, and professional RV technicians have the knowledge, training and specialized tools to get the job done right. Winterization typically costs anywhere from $75 – $400, depending on the location and services included. Winterizing services can include:


  • draining and drying all toilets, sinks, appliances and plumbing
  • detecting and sealing cuts, cracks or holes in the exterior
  • inspecting and cleaning vent caps and covers, as well as air conditioner shrouds
  • inspect, clean and repair furnace and air conditioning units
  • clean the awning
  • apply pest repellent
  • thorough exterior wash and wax


Of course, by now freezing temperatures and snow have already arrived. Relax, everything will be fine if you take action now. Go ahead and drain all the water from your RV and pour a little RV antifreeze (the pink kind, not green or blue) down the sink and shower drains. Then, schedule an appointment with REV Service and Repair or a trusted RV dealer or service center. 


Winterizing is a small investment to make to ensure that when Spring rolls around, your RV is as road-ready as you are. We hope you enjoy a safe, warm –  winterized season.

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