Packing Essentials for Spring Weather Travel

March 29, 2021

Of course you know what to pack for Spring weather. This ain’t your first rodeo. Just think of this list as a reminder, from one friend to another, as you shake the cobwebs of Winter out of your brain and get ready to take your Holiday Rambler out on the post-Winter road.

  1. Warm-Weather Clothing (obviously)
    Probably the most apparent one on the list, and we’re only including it in case you haven’t yet pulled your lighter clothing out of storage for the winter. That said, you’re still going to need some…
  2. Cold-Weather Clothing (unfortunately)
    We’re writing this from the Midwest, where 2nd and 3rd Winter is a very real thing. Depending on where you go, “65 and sunny” can become “35 and snowy” overnight. We’re not saying pack a parka and snowshoes, but don’t get stuck with just a light hoodie and flip-flops.
  3. Weatherproof Footwear
    Whether it’s a walk through the woods or a walk through downtown to find some patio drinks, don’t let Spring’s temperament ruin your good time. Make sure to bring a pair of boots or shoes that will keep your feet dry and warm. You’ll find plenty of options from the usual suspects online or at your nearest outdoor goods store, but don’t sleep on the seriously stylish possibilities, too.
  4. An umbrella-ella-ella
    It’s probably been a while since you’ve needed one of these, and carrying an umbrella around beats wearing a raincoat on your hike. It also turns 50% chance of showers into 100% chance of you staying dry.
  5. Sunscreen
    If you live in a place where Winter is cold, sunless and never seems to end, you most likely spent three(ish) months completely covered in hoodies and hats and blankets and more. Don’t kick off your first trip of the year with a bad case of sunburn. Be smart about how you reintroduce yourself to a sunlit world – keep sunscreen handy and remember to reapply!
  6. Whatever keeps the bugs away…
    Or at least whatever keeps them from biting you and yours. Go on the deet-free offensive with some serious natural sprays or create some defensive ambiance with a stash of citronella candles.
  7. …And keeps the mud in one place
    Spring loves to ruin the fun with some unexpected rainfall. If you wind up stuck outside in a storm, keep the indoor damage to a minimum. Set an old rug near the door before you head out, so you can drop your muddy kicks on it as soon as you walk in.
  8. New phone (case). Who dis?
    We’re big fans of preparing for the worst when it comes to our phones. Especially on road trips. Dress your phone up in a tougher, stronger case for your trip. There are a number of fantastic, affordable options out there to keep your phone safe from sand, water, dirt, and even gravity.
  9. Speaking of Phones…
    Don’t let roaming brick your cell phone. Make sure you always have enough juice to capture the perfect videos and selfies every moment of your trip. An extra charging block is easy to fit in your backpack and use on the go! Find the right fit for your device and budget.
  10. Extra Masks!
    With COVID restrictions still in effect at most public places across the country, even a fully vaccinated traveler will still need to have some masks on hand. Maybe stash a box of disposable KN95s on board so you’ll never be without.
  11. One s’more thing…
    Technically three more things: marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars. Spring getaways mean warmer weather, which means ending your evenings outside of your Holiday Rambler RV, sitting around a campfire, and—if you’re living right—making s’mores.

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