RV Date Night Ideas When Traveling with Kids

October 24, 2022

Traveling the country in an RV with your kids, be it for vacation or full-time, can provide some interesting challenges when trying to create date nights for you and your spouse. While you will have plenty of opportunities to nurture your family relationships, you will want to make sure you are doing so for yourselves too.

When it comes to creating that special date time, be open-minded, creative and try to take advantage of available kid-free time together. This could be in the morning when the kids are still sleeping, during afternoon naps or once they have gone to bed.

When we started traveling full-time, our son was three years old and he is now five. Over the past two years our date nights have looked a bit different as he has gotten older. But we are here to tell you date nights are definitely possible when traveling with kids! And we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite date night ideas to share with you!

Create a DIY Tasting or Pairing – Swing by a local brewery, distillery or vineyard. All you need is a few bottles or a flight of local brews or spirits to try together. You could even elevate the date with a DIY charcuterie board or pairing. The Harvest Hosts program is great for this one as there are tons of wineries, breweries, and distilleries to stay at.  And best of all, you simply walk out to your RV and sleep in your own bed!  

Campfire Conversations – Build a campfire and cuddle up with each other for some fun conversations. You can tell stories, discuss all you have done as a couple, talk about your goals and next adventures or future dreams for your family.  Don’t forget s’mores or other fire-roasted snacks!

Make A Meal – So many fun date nights revolve around food and being at your campsite can be similar. You can cook a romantic meal together or try a new recipe.  And since you’re travelling, it’s always fun to use local ingredients.  Bonus points if you cook over a campfire!

Utilize Campground Amenities – If you are staying at a campground or RV resort, chances are they have some fun amenities for you to enjoy. Possibly a playful game of mini golf, an evening stroll holding hands, bike ride around the property, relaxing soak in the hot tub, or even a cool off swim.

 Outdoor Movie Night – There is just something about watching a movie outside under the stars that feels magical and romantic! We love the outdoor entertainment center on our Vacationer for movie nights. Extra butter on the popcorn please!

Stargazing from Your Roof – Sometimes just changing your environment helps to really make you feel like you’re on a date. Work with what you have and if possible, head up to the top of your RV for some romantic stargazing and cuddling. Be sure to bring a blanket or two. You may also want to bring some music to set the mood and your favorite beverages and snacks!

Game Night – If you are a bit competitive and love to laugh, a game night might be perfect for you. There are so many fun games for a couple to play that are small and easy to pack in an RV. We personally like to play Pass the Pigs, Mille Bornes, and card games like Rummy. 

Order Takeout – Trying the local cuisine while you travel is a fun part of the experience and makes for a great date night. While it might be tough to dine at the establishment, ordering takeout is just as good! You can set up your picnic table with candles, turn on some soft tunes and enjoy a new meal experience together.

Have a Picnic – Picnics are so fun and really great day date ideas. Even if you didn’t pack a picnic basket you can pull together a meal, grab a blanket and head to a picturesque location within the campground. Take your shoes off and get comfortable while you enjoy your conversations and meal possibly by the property lake, river, or beach.

His and Her Pick – This one is a favorite! You and your spouse can take turns planning your date nights. It allows you to be creative and gives you the opportunity to choose things that your significant other really enjoys. A few ideas for a theme night… watch your favorite show or movie and have food that ties into what you are watching. A few others could be painting rocks, working on a puzzle, or dancing under the stars.


Hopefully by now you have some ideas running through your mind on how you can create date nights while traveling in an RV with your kids. You also might be wondering how you leave your campsite with your kids there. We’ve used our baby monitor and set it up while our son sleeps. That way if we are outside or around the corner at the hot tub, we can be monitoring him while he sleeps and run back if he starts to stir or wake up. Of course, you’ll need to find what feels right for you but there are plenty of options for carving out a little special “us” time while traveling with your kids!

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