Spring cleaning for your home away from home!

March 15, 2023

Spring is the best time to deep clean your RV – after all those cold winter months, it’s time to open up the windows and let in all that fresh spring air! Whether you’ve been on the road or if your coach has been idle, now is the best time to de-winterize and get your RV road ready for the warmer season ahead:


De-winterize Your RV

Before taking your Holiday Rambler out of winter storage, it’s essential to check on a few things to make sure it’s ready for the road:

+ Check all the tires and replace as needed

+Drain the antifreeze and sanitize the water system

+Check both the interior and exterior of the coach for any damage

+Check and replace smoke detector batteries

+Replace all necessary filters


Open all the windows

Once you’ve de-winterized, air out your coach on a nice day to let the fresh breeze in and staleness out. Even if you’ve been using your RV all winter, recycled air from the heater can circulate the same air full of odors and germs, so you’ll want to let fresh, new air inside.


Schedule any and all required maintenance.

Being on top of your coach’s maintenance needs is important to ensure it’s running smoothly and safely at all times. Preventive measures like checking for leaks, making sure tires aren’t too worn, and checking and replacing all fluids can stop small issues from being huge ones down the road. Be sure to schedule a detailed maintenance appointment with one of our dealers in either Decatur, IN or Coburg, Oregon. [LINK: https://www.revrvserviceandrepair.com/schedule-service/ ]


Vacuum, dust and wipe down all surfaces.

Being closed up all winter can make your coach dusty, musty and ready for a refresh. Run the vacuum along baseboards and use smaller hose attachments to reach underneath furniture, inside nooks and crannies, and all the tiny places dust and dirt can hide. Dampen a microfiber cloth and wipe down all surfaces (even walls), and clean both sides of glass windows while you have them open. 


Disinfect kitchen and bathrooms.

Clean with a disinfecting product to ensure frequently touched surfaces are germ-free. Do a thorough cleaning of sinks, countertops, trash receptacles, bathrooms and showers. 


Wipe down and underneath furniture.

Dust and grime can remain even after vacuuming, so be sure to take a damp cloth to surfaces and a dust mop or rag underneath sofas, chairs and beds. 


Dust electronics and outlets with compressed air.

Microparticles and dust can get everywhere – cords, chargers, tiny ports, outlets, just about anywhere – and can be dangerous fire hazards. Use a can of compressed air with a narrow, straw-like nozzle to concentrate the air and blast away all the dust.


Clean out drawers and cabinets, purging unnecessary items. 

Go through every storage spot in your coach and take out anything broken, unused or outgrown. Donate what you can, and toss what’s junk. Less is more when you’re traveling. 


Clean holding tanks, use any treatments for septic; check sewer hose and replace if needed. 

It’s not something we like to think about, but it is necessary to keep tanks clean and running well. Ask your maintenance professional to take a look and treat as needed. Again, prevention is key when you’re living on the road. 


Clean exterior, including awning. 

You might not think about how much exposure to the elements the exterior of your coach gets. Sun, wind, rain, tree sap, road grime, exhaust and pollution – your coach deserves a deep cleaning. 


Change and refresh all linens. 

Even if unused and folded in a closet, towels, blankets and sheets can get a musty smell over time. Give them all a refresh by washing them every so often, no matter if they’re truly dirty or not. You might also want to spray a fabric refresher/deodorizer on soft surfaces like mattresses and pillows. 


Now that all of the spring cleaning and maintenance checks have been done, you’re ready to roll!

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