This fall, go for the gold.

October 5, 2020

Sip, savor and seize the season.

Deep in the heart of autumn is where the best adventures all fall together. And there’s no better way to take a juicy bite out of life than in your motorhome. Whether you’re up for some festive fun at a brewery, farm, orchard or festival, grab the keys, adjust your sunglasses and let’s get out there.

Go social—safely.
After this long season marked by limits and restrictions, it’s only natural to want to shake off the dust and hit the road. With your motorhome, you’ve got your own exclusive base of operations, no matter where you go. From there, you can minimize your exposure when you pack up the motorhome for a day of apple picking and corn mazes. Even local trips are easier when you travel with a clean bathroom, fresh drinking water, a space to wash the fruits of your labor, and a comfortable spot to grab a power nap or watch football. Here’s to getting out!

Time for a fall tow & tour.
Now’s a great time to take in all the color and tastes the fall season offers, with an extra flair. Take advantage of your motorhome’s ample towing capacity to spend your weekend touring with your towed jeep or other vehicle. Make your excursions to nearby breweries or distilleries, farms or orchards and enjoy every colorful mile, then revel in the day’s fun back at camp with a roaring fire.

Make the fall dance party.
It only takes some lights, fun friends and a good DJ to make your next outing a blast. Take requests and use your Internet connection to cue up the songs your crew want to groove on! It’s your party—you make the rules. Serve your guests with a cool mixer or a hot hard cider treat that’s sure to move some feet. You and your motorhome were made for nights like this.

A backstage pass to fun.
This fall, your motorhome can be your ticket to some spectacular hands-on adventures for you and the crew. Paid sites such as Harvest Hosts gets you access to free overnight camping at museums, farms and other exclusive experiences where they even let you do chores like feeding the horses and bringin’ in the eggs. Blogs from KOA or The Dyrt provide a DIY approach to unique seasonal spots and activities as well.

Find a new fest.
Although autumn is normally a time of tradition, this year, 2020 has changed all the rules. So why not make your own declaration and motorhome to a worthy destination? Fill the wide windscreen of your motorhome with one of these epic treks. Fodors has published 9 Great Outdoor Adventures for Fall to inspire you Here, you’ll find a range of tours and activities from coast to coast, but hurry! The fun is fleeting and the seasons are changing fast.

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