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A Legacy of Adventure

At Holiday Rambler, we believe spirited travelers should never settle. Which is why we make motorhomes that are built for the road—and far beyond. We design every model to be rugged, reliable and up for anything. Then we outfit the interior with extra storage and practical details. Inside and out, we thought of everything. All you need to bring is your sense of adventure. Because whether you’re on the road, off the beaten path, or parked alongside a scenic view—in a Holiday Rambler, this is living.

Designed and engineered for your most daring ideas.

Our motorhomes are built to be driven 365 days a year, in almost any kind of road condition, wherever your wanderlust leads. When it comes to technology, we’re always trying new things and taking our ideas further than most—just like you.

Powerlock System

Say goodbye to stick-and-frame construction. Our exclusive Powerlock System™ uses interlocking, extruded aluminum wall joints to integrate the floor, sidewall and roof assembly into one overall structure. It’s a strong, seamless fit that promises long-term performance and durability.

Vacationer35P Waterfront Decor with Nutmeg Cabinetry
Endeavor 38W Savanna Decor with Fossil Cabinetry

DriveTech Controls & OptiView Instrument Cluster

DriveTech’s ergonomically designed steering wheel and easy-to-reach, column-mounted controls turn piloting your RV into a driver-friendly automotive experience. And as the RV industry’s first LED instrument Cluster, OptiView™ has bright graphics, colors and menus, Bluetooth® connectivity and on-demand operation. Together, they both give you convenience and control, right at your fingertips.

The right foundation makes any journey possible.

Behind every grand adventure is a rugged, reliable chassis. To keep up with your wildest dreams, our motorhomes are built on the industry’s most trusted, time-tested chassis—including the Freightliner Titan Bridge®, the Ford® Power Platform and the Delta® Foundation. No matter where you wander, a Holiday Rambler chassis has the strength, storage and support to make sure you and your gear arrive safe and sound.

Freightliner titan bridge
Delta foundation r
Ford power platform
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Designed to go from “Point A” to “Point Z.” And everywhere in between.

Auto level

Automatic Hydraulic Leveling System

Our four-point hydraulic system is more reliable than electric jacks and provides smooth and simple leveling at the push of a button.

Vacu bond

Vacu-Bond™ Construction

We apply 415,000 pounds of vacuum pressure for 30 minutes to create some of the straightest, flattest and strongest walls on the market.

Bead foam

Solid Bead-Foam Engineered Fit Insulation™

Using exact measurements, we place bead-foam between every structural support to eliminate air holes and provide superior temperature and sound insulation.


Dryseal™ Edge Coating

We coat every edge of the walls and windows to wick away water, seal out moisture, and prevent delamination, swelling and mold.

Tuff coat

Tuff-Coat Fiberglass Walls

Our UV and weather-resistant fiberglass skin is not adhered to wood substrate, meaning there is much less chance of delamination.


TPO Engineered Vinyl R​oofing

Resilient and low-maintenance thermoplastic polyolefin or “Tuff-Ply” is flexible and easily conforms to the roofline radius with little to no stress at the awning rail connection seam.

Tapered Slideout Box Tops

Tapered Slideout Box Tops

By slightly pitching our slideout box rooflines, water is directed away from our RVs, providing an additional level of moisture protection.

Metallic Slide Room Underbellies

Seamless Metallic Slide Room Underbellies

We cover our slideout bottoms with metal as an extra safeguard against the elements.

Full Length Ducting

Full-Length Metallic A/C Ducting

We ditch the cut-out foam channels in favor of insulated ducting that runs the entire length of the RV, placing outlets in the most occupied places to assure cool comfort.

Sure glide

Sure-Glide Flush Floor Aluminum Slide Transition Ramps

Our aluminum ramps are much more durable and reliable than the industry-standard pinewood, which absorb moisture, crack and rot.