Exploring the National Parks

February 24, 2023

The road is wide open for you to explore America’s amazing National Parks, located in all regions of the country. Traveling in the comfort of your motorhome is one of the best ways to do this–you’re on your own schedule, the price is right, and your RV can navigate all the gorgeous scenic drives available. Here are some can’t-miss stops on your cross-country expeditions:


Arches National Park + Zion National Park



See some of the most incredible natural scenery the West has to offer. Both Arches and Zion National Parks are full of interesting red rock formations and canyons that will truly take your breath away. Here, the trails abound–and if you’re feeling extra bold and adventurous, try the infamous Angel’s Landing, a thrilling hike that most call one of the scariest in the country. However you choose to explore these parks, the spectacular scenery is tough to beat!


Death Valley National Park

California and Nevada


This national park has three million acres and hundreds of backcountry miles to explore–more than any other park in the country. There are incredible views, historic sites, exciting wildlife and so much more. The 81-mile roadway is easily navigable by RV, with plenty of spots to hop out and walk around. The best time to visit Death Valley is in the spring– as its name suggests, the summer heat can be nearly unbearable. 


Black Hills National Forest

South Dakota


If you’re looking to experience gorgeous pine forests, amazing natural tunnels, vast grasslands, deep blue lakes and streams, and breathtaking wildlife, then the Black Hills are definitely for you. The national wonders are plenty and wild animals like bison, elk and coyotes roam freely. While you’re there, be sure to pay a visit to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. 


Everglades National Park



The lush vegetation and subtropical freshness of the everglades are really incredible. The Tamiami Trail (“Tampa to Miami”) is a connective roadway that winds around the wetlands and inlets of this region. Explore the  Big Cypress Nature Preserve and you’ll be surrounded by enchanting cypress trees framing the canals, which are home to all kinds of fish, wild birds and alligators. 


Great Smoky Mountains National Park 


The Smoky Mountains offer breathtaking views of Appalachia after the infamous morning fog. This region is best known for its diverse plant and animal life, its majestic ancient mountains, and its historic mountain culture. You can hike, walk, bike, or horseback ride to see the scenic sights. Be sure to plan ahead and check out one of the RV-friendly Smokemount and Cades Cove campgrounds to extend your stay.

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