Feast on the road.

November 16, 2020

Satisfy your thirst for winter and your hunger for adventure.

You and your crew in your Holiday Rambler is your ticket to excitement, good times and some unexpected November pleasures.

One more for the road: Take a November adventure to remember.
At a time when many RVers are packing it in and winterizing, many of us (hopefully, you too) are staying out on the road and packing in every adventure you can. That’s the Holiday Rambler spirit. As you plan your late-season forays keep in mind that your Holiday Rambler is equipped with plenty of basement storage for equipment like skis, sleds, snowboards, boots and more. Make sure your fuel tanks are topped off at every stop and you’re minding the road even more closely. Now the fun part: We want to hear your epic adventure story (pics or it didn’t happen). Tag us with #HRepic on our socials!

Winter in tow: Tips for towing safely and efficiently.
For many of us who own Holiday Rambler RVs, cold weather means winter adventures. However, if you’re towing a vehicle or a trailer loaded with ATVs, UTVs or more, the conditions can make things more challenging and place greater demands on safety. No worries, though. Preparing your tow load and following enhanced winter driving practices will make sure the adventure stays epic, in a good way.

First, thoroughly inspect both your vehicle and the vehicle or trailer before setting off. You’d be surprised at how a tire or marker light on a trailer you parked just last week has suddenly failed. Also, verify proper weight and weight distribution. Slick roads will amplify any excess weight or improper weight distribution of your load. For convenience and protection, we recommend you have a front-end cover on any towed vehicle and a fitted cover for any load that needs protection from salt spray and road sand.

When driving, slow down and give yourself time and distance to make braking and steering as smooth as possible. Also, don’t use cruise control when it’s slick, as it cannot respond properly to an unexpected loss of traction. When climbing hills, use vehicle spacing to avoid braking and to maintain steady momentum. Finally, be sure to pack some extra sand or traction pads to help you get unstuck and some hazard beacons to light the way until you’re back on the road. Want more? Check out napaonline’s tips, here.

Distill and chill.
Many of you who own a Holiday Rambler love to make meeting up at a brewhouse or distillery a staple of your travels. Here’s one of our picks that might pique your tastebuds: Boone County Distilling is a relatively new distillery whose product is “made by ghosts” of the original Boone County Distillery founded in 1833. They provide a surprisingly rich historical tour that tells the stories of the founders (one of them owned a pet bear), as well as a unique history of their products, including bourbon, bourbon crème, vodka and gin. Fun fact: “Bourbon is defined as being made from a fermented mash containing more than 51% corn, as opposed to whisky which is 51% barley.”

Got a favorite distillery or brewhouse? Of course, you do. Let us know by sharing on our social media.

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