Find work-life balance in an RV.

Sep 21, 2020

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An RV workspace lets you chase adventure every day.

It’s how you clock and roll.

Does your lifestyle include clocking into meetings while checking out the world? Consider these clever ways to turn your motorhome into a home office or even a classroom. There are many ways to get the work done, even if you hate to sit still.

Divvy up desk space.

If you want to minimize distractions and maximize workspace for more than one person, invest in a desk divider. A simple folding divider, sometimes called a study carrel, can help foster focus. To muffle surrounding sounds, consider acoustic panels that clamp on and pack flat. And if you need more separation, look into laptop stands or tripods that easily fold and store.

Color coordinate.

Separating supplies is easier when you choose a color palette for each person. Color-coordinated phone cases, scissors, pens, Post-Its and storage pouches help digital nomads and remote learners gather up their gear. Label cords and chargers accordingly as well.

On the hook.

A system of hooks mounted in an out-of-the-way nook can contain headphones, charging cords and pencil pouches with loops. And when you’re ready to signal the end of the workday, you can easily cover it all with a colorful curtain.

Storage underfoot.

An ottoman or step stool with built-in storage can hide books and office supplies. And a portable filing box can do double duty, holding important documents for the workday, and serving as a footrest in the evenings and on weekends.

Capture the cords.

Camera gear, phones and computers...they all need to power up. Keep things looking tidy and minimize misplaced cords and tripping hazards with a charging station and cord keepers. Styles range from basic plastic boxes to rustic wooden bins with strategic cutouts.

Take it outside.

One of the best parts of the RV lifestyle is the chance to get outdoors. Make your mobile office more weatherproof with a screen shade for your laptop, a clipboard to keep papers from blowing away, and a keyboard protector to keep grit from getting inside. A charging pack or extension cord gives you the range to set up at picnic tables and park benches. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!