How To: Change an RV Inline Water Filter Cartridge

July 12, 2022

Learn the quick and simple way to replace your water filtration system cartridge and keep fresh water flowing in your Holiday Rambler.

The secret to guaranteed fresh water on your next Holiday Rambler road trip? Simple upkeep. In the video below, Spencer from the Adventurtunity Family shows us the easy way to keep your water filtration system in perfect working order:

What you’ll need:

  • a replacement water filter cartridge
  • your filter housing tool or an oil filter wrench
  • towels or rags to clean excess water

How to replace your RV’s water filter cartridge:

  1. Turn your water off
  2. Inside your RV, run water in one of the sinks until water stops flowing
  3. Open the utility area that houses your water filtration system
  4. Using the filter housing tool, twist and remove the filter housing and dump out the water
  5. Remove the old water filter from the housing
  6. Use a hose to rinse out all remaining debris from the filter housing
  7. Use a rag to wipe off the filter housing attachment area
  8. Place a new filter into the filter housing, reattach to the filtration system, and tighten with the filter housing tool
  9. Turn your water back on and run the sink for 5-10 minutes. Use this time to inspect the filter housing area to make sure there are no unwanted leaks!

Water filtration system not working properly after you replace the filter? Find a dealership near you and get some in-person help from the experts!


Adventurtunity Family


Meet Spencer, Kristi and Kade, a.k.a. the Adventurtunity Family! In September 2020, they embarked on an adventure to live full-time in their 37′ Holiday Rambler Vacationer. Originally from Baltimore, they have traveled the country in their RV and are sharing their adventures, insight and tips with others in the hopes of inspiring them to hit the road and explore, too.

Learn more about the Adventurtunity Family here!

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