How To: Hook Up an RV’s Utilities

July 26, 2022

Learn the easy way to hook up your Holiday Rambler’s electric, water, and sewer utilities.

Once you’ve arrived at your campsite, it’s time to hook up your RV’s utilities. But what’s the best way to do it? We asked Kristi and Spencer from the Adventurtunity Family to show us the step-by-step way to properly connect Holiday Rambler’s electricity, freshwater, and wastewater utilities.

How to Hook Up Your Electric:

  1. Once your RV is leveled, make sure to locate your campsite’s power pedestal
  2. Find the receptacle for your RV’s specified wattage
  3. Make sure the receptacle’s corresponding breaker switch is off
  4. Plug a surge protector into that receptacle
  5. Flip the receptacle’s breaker switch to “on”
  6. When the indicator light is ready, plug your RV’s power cord into the surge protector

How to Hook Up Your Water:

  1. Open the water utility area
  2. Unravel and connect your RV’s water hose to the utility area hose labeled “inlet”
  3. Make utility area dial is set to “city fixtures”
  4. Attach water pressure regulator to your hose and connect the other end to the water outlet
  5. Flip up the handle on the water outlet to begin water flow

How to Hook Up Your Sewer:

  1. Equip yourself with gloves and other protective gear to avoid coming in contact with sewage waste
  2. Set up your sewer hose support riser to ensure all waste water flows downward towards the drain
  3. Attach adaptor to sewer drain
  4. Remove sewage hose, keeping the elbow of it pointed upwards to avoid unnecessary spills
  5. Lock elbow end into the adaptor from Step 03
  6. Bring other end of hose towards the coach, remove caps on both inlet and outlet, then lock both ends into place
  7. Once connected, secure hose into support riser slots.

If you notice problems with any of the components for these utilities, make sure to find a dealership near you and get some in-person help from certified experts!


Adventurtunity Family


Meet Spencer, Kristi and Kade, a.k.a. the Adventurtunity Family! In September 2020, they embarked on an adventure to live full-time in their 37′ Holiday Rambler Vacationer. Originally from Baltimore, they have traveled the country in their RV and are sharing their adventures, insight and tips with others in the hopes of inspiring them to hit the road and explore, too.

Learn more about the Adventurtunity Family here!

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