It’s Winter. Let’s go camping!

December 20, 2021

The beauty of owning your Holiday Rambler is you can hit the road and see the sights, but retire to a warm, cozy living quarters when you’re done exploring.

But if you’re still skeptical, check out our short list of reasons why it’s worth camping in the winter.

New “faces” on your favorite places
In some regions, you can visit the same location four times a year and have four completely different visual experiences. For example, the Grand Canyon is stunning in summer, but it’s beautiful in a completely different way when the winter frost hits. Revisit some of your favorite spring and summer destinations to see how they transform when the winter weather arrives.

Much smaller crowds
One of our favorite winter camping strategies is to first look at all the places that are typically too crowded during peak camping season. (Looking at you, most National Parks!) Winter weather tends to reduce the public’s general enthusiasm for being outdoors, and less people camping in a place means more access for those of us who do. If you’re willing to brave the cold, take advantage of this!

Finally stay in hotter spots
Winter camping doesn’t have to mean staying where it’s ice, snow, and subzero temps. It can also mean finally visiting the destinations that are unbearably hot during summer months. (Looking at you, American Southwest!) Nights can still get cold, but the daylight hours will come with much more tolerable temps.  

You couldn’t paint a better picture
The real magic of winter-weather camping is just how magical everything looks. Whether it’s a gentle frost or full-on winter wonderland, you couldn’t ask for a more scenic experience. And when you’re having that first morning coffee or evening cocktail and look out of your Holiday Rambler window, you’ll swear you’re staring at a landscape painting, it’s so beautiful. 

Do you go winter camping? What are your reasons? And where do you go? Let your fellow Holiday Ramblers know over on our Facebook page.


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