Kicking off 2021 in high definition.

January 14, 2021

High Definition: Cleaning RV glass without the pain in the…arms.

When you have the kind of scenery you enjoy from the windows in your Holiday Rambler, you want to make sure they’re clean as can be. And on the road, your safety depends on the cleanliness of your windshield, mirrors and cameras. Here’s some tips on getting maximum cleanliness with minimal effort.

Windshield wonders.
No secret here, the windshield takes the brunt of the worst the road has to offer — rain, dirt, dust, sap, tar, gooey bug guts and everything else. That fact alone makes cleaning it a far more technical task than say, cleaning the kitchen window at your house. There’s a myriad of products and tools for cleaning your windshield and exterior glass, so try a few of the highest-rated products and choose the ones that work best for you. For instance, some products dispense from squeeze bottles while others come in aerosol cans.

No matter which application type be sure to choose cleaning products specifically made for automotive and RV use. Their solvents are far stronger to dissolve and release dried, sticky residue and you’ll get better results using less product than the blue stuff. Try to park in the shade or clean the glass out of the hot sun in the evening or morning. Spray on cleaner product and allow it to soak and loosen dirt and residue thoroughly. Pre-soaking will make streak-free cleaning that much easier. When done, lift the wipers and wipe the edges clean as well.

Window treatment products.
Some detailing companies offer products to “wax” or “glaze” exterior glass and repel rain and dirt for an extended period. We recommend that if you want to try a product like this, apply it to a side window first and see how it performs and for how long. Then, if you observe favorable results, you can use the product on other windows with confidence.

Mirror, mirror (and cameras).
Visibility is crucial in driving and maneuvering. Mirrors, being relatively small compared to your RV’s windows and camera lenses being even smaller still make greater the need to be clean and clear of any debris that might hinder your visibility. Make sure both get priority in your cleaning regimen.

Inside your coach, simpler is better.
There’s no need to use chemical products to clean the inside windows just use two microfiber towels. Wet one thoroughly and wring it out and use it to wipe the entire glass pane. Follow it up with the dry towel, buffing until the glass shows clear and streak free. Voila!

Take advantage of pre-season maintenance.
Now that we’ve flipped the calendar over to 2021, and everyone’s talking about getting a new start, now’s a great time to get a jump on maintenance, before the travel season swings into high gear. We’re sold on the benefits of REV Service & Repair centers in Decatur, IN and Coburg, OR.

If you haven’t yet visited either of these centers, you really should check it out! Here’s a shameless plug to make it that much easier: Right now, through March 31, 2021 if you schedule engine service, they’ll do all the work at the reduced labor rate of just $129/hour and throw in a FREE 250-hour generator service. *

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*Excludes collision work. May not be combined with other offers. Not valid on prior service. Other restrictions may apply.

Distill and chill.
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