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February 12, 2021

Make adventure your soulmate.

This February, the urge to travel is growing, so satisfy it with some epic adventures! We’ll share fresh inspiration from one family that’s blazing trails by doing a full-on coast-to-coast family adventure and blogging about it. Next, we’ll give you the details on an amazing location technology that’s as easy as three simple words! We’ll also report in on one of the industry’s biggest RV shows. And we’ll close it out with smooth drinking…Dogfish?

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Making the most of the Adventurtunity: One family goes all-in on the RV life
What’s “Adventurtunity?” It’s the moniker given to Spencer, Kristi and Kade, one family that are travelling across the U.S.A. in their 2017 Holiday Rambler Vacationer, finding adventures and sharing them on the Holiday Rambler Blog from their first-time RVer perspective.

Kristi’s take was: “We want to experience all the beauty, culture, and history the USA has to offer, and we didn’t want to wait for “someday” to do it. So, what better way to do it than in the comfort of our own home on wheels?” Spencer agreed. “It wasn’t until we asked ourselves one simple question, ‘If you had everything you needed to make a change, would you?’ that we finally took action.”

Leaving their careers behind in Maryland, Adventurtunity Family will document their adventures through social media, blogs, and a YouTube channel. “The Adventurtunity Family embodies the Holiday Rambler motto of This is Living!”, declared Deb Stapel, Director of Marketing for REV Recreation Group. “They are a perfect fit for the Holiday Rambler brand and we look forward to following their adventures in their Vacationer.”

The Adventurtunity Family is just getting started, so check them out! Visit the Holiday Rambler Travel Blog,…

Pinpoint your location in just three words.
To say GPS navigation has transformed the world of travel would be a massive understatement. From the military to industry, to automobiles, adventurers and RVers alike, we thrive on devices that can locate ourselves and each other all over the globe. But sometimes we’re left with points of interest that can be a little vague. For instance, asking a friend to navigate to meet you at a huge park, festival or concert venue is complicated—you could be anywhere at a given location and very hard to find.

Enter It’s a website and an app that has divided the entire globe into 6-foot squares and given each a unique three-word name. Impossible? Hardly! Since the English alphabet is 26 letters, using three unique words results in billions of individual iterations. In other words, the what3words app turns what would otherwise be complicated, exact coordinates and translates them into three easy words. So when you want to tell your friend you’re not just at the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre in Colorado, but that you’re in the 10th row, just to the left of the sound booth, you can tell them: “I’m at: pledge.scenery.unopposed.”

Not only can you pinpoint locations literally anywhere on the globe, the app lets you send your what3words location via email, text, or socials, so they can find your location precisely and immediately. This can also have potential lifesaving implications in the future as well, with help finding stranded adventurers, emergency response vehicles and more. Right now, TomTom navigation is the first GPS device company to jump on what3words technology, with more likely to follow. With the what3words app, connecting with your friends in your Holiday Rambler will be easier than ever!

Try it out for yourself! It’s easy. You’ll be amazed.

2021 Florida RV Show: The RV lifestyle is growing bigger than ever
An RV event that needs to be attended to be fully appreciated for its size is the Florida RV Trade Association RV SuperShow. It showcases nearly every RV brand and hundreds of products and services for the RV lifestyle. “We had our best Tampa RV Show ever and are extremely pleased with the buzz around our product line,” mentioned Lenny Razo, Director of Sales for REV Recreation Group. REV Recreation Group reported nearly 40% sales growth over last year’s show, driven in part by sales of Holiday Rambler.

And this year, Holiday Rambler took the spotlight with the introduction of the all-new Nautica model. The Nautica is a one-of-a-kind class A Diesel with 340HP and Aqua-hot 250D. “No other manufacturer offers a diesel motor home in this price point that is under 35 feet, has 340 horsepower and Aqua-hot,” according to Doug Miller, Product Manager for REV Recreation Group.

Once again, the Holiday Rambler brand lives up to its motto of “This is living!”

Eclectic refreshment: Dogfish Head Brewery, Milton, Delaware
Dogfish Head is considered one of the fathers of experimental brewing in the United States. And their brewery has just as much character as their beer. As you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a steampunk treehouse, flights of free samples, and be encouraged to play a little bocce ball and cornhole. Try out brews such as their SeaQuench ale or Hazy-O Hazy oat IPA on tap. Afterwards, you can try some of their signature beer-infused foods, or take a 20-minute drive to their full-on brewpub for the full experience in the world of Dogfish Head Brewery. Cheers!

(Please enjoy responsibly)

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