Meet the Adventurtunity Family

February 8, 2021

If you had everything you needed to make a change, would you?

We sold it all to live in our home on wheels, traveling the countryside together. Little did we know that selling most of our things and living small would actually give us more than we ever had before!

Hello! We are Spencer, Kristi, and Kade…also known as the Adventurtunity Family! In April 2019 we returned from a six-week trip to New Zealand and Australia where we quickly realized our current day-to-day life wasn’t aligning with the direction we wanted for our family. We had goals and dreams, like everyone else, but weren’t taking steps to make them a reality. It wasn’t until we asked ourselves one simple question, “If you had everything you needed to make a change, would you?” that we finally took action.

Our goal was to be intentional about prioritizing time together as a family. Kade is three and wants nothing more than to spend time with us. And of course, we want that too! Spending time together on weekends and evenings just wasn’t enough. So, we decided to sell our house and most of our stuff to buy an RV and travel the country! While living in an RV was not something we had ever talked about before, we wanted to experience all the beauty, culture, and history the USA has to offer, and we didn’t want to wait for “someday” to do it. So, what better way to do it than in the comfort of our own home on wheels!

We sold our house in March and planned to purchase an RV a few weeks later. That’s when 2020 really got interesting and put the brakes on our original timeline for hitting the road. Not to be deterred, we stayed the course, and bought our 2017 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 36H motorhome in July of 2020! We bought our Vacationer from the original owners with less than 6k miles on it. As complete newbies, we took it on 2 shakedown runs to learn about our rig and get a better understanding of our new lifestyle, living on the road. We learned a lot on those 2 trips, but still had a ton to learn about our motorhome, camping, and living without roots as a young family. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but we were up for the challenge and for the adventures that lay ahead of us!

With less than 6,000 miles and 5-6 trips our Vacationer was practically brand new. As you would with any new home, we updated the décor and added a few after-market elements to maximize space and efficiency. We launched our journey of full time RV living in mid-September. Since then, we have been adjusting to our new lifestyle and learning as much as possible as we go along! We would still consider ourselves newbies to RVing, but we’ve settled into it nicely and get more comfortable with it every day. Sharing our experiences is a big part of what we do as we travel. The places we go and the people we meet are so incredible, it’s hard not to share. But we also like to share what we learn about living a life on the road seeking adventures and embracing opportunities. As we gain a better understanding of our rig, planning our route, day-to-day life as a traveling young family, and everything else involved with RVing, we like to pass what we learn onto others who may be interested in RVing or just getting started themselves. We know firsthand just how helpful this kind of information can be.

We are excited to be partnering with Holiday Rambler on a series of blog posts to share with you what we have learned so far in our journey. We’ll be exploring topics from décor to driving, and a lot more. So, join us on our journey and learn with us as we RV across the USA!

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