Power through 2020 with a chill adventure.

October 20, 2020

Cooling down and warming up.

We’re in the last half of the year and the sprint to 2021. For many of us, being over with 2020 can’t come soon enough. As for you, there’s still time to kick it in gear and take your passion for adventure as far as you dare. The cooler weather brings with it a number of unique activities and ways to get the most out of your Holiday Rambler. Let’s get out there and get after it!

The best Fall escapes.
The abundant power and smooth handling of your Holiday Rambler chassis make it the ideal vehicle for a Fall getaway. Flatten the hills, carve the turns and arrive at a Fall destination that’s undeniably worth the trip. Check out Camping World’s list of top-rated RV resorts that includes unforgettable places from breathtaking Breckenridge, Colorado to Key West and your own patio paradise on the very tip of the U.S. For amazing Fall scenery, experience one of the recommendations of Cruise America that include stunning views of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and Cabot Trail, in Nova Scotia, Canada. In your Holiday Rambler, the Fall scenery is completely up to you!

Pack it on, pack it in, pack it under.
With Vacu-Bond sidewalls, bead foam insulation, and more, your Holiday Rambler is your fully capable, all-seasons command center, enabling you and your crew to get charged up and ready for the next day’s adventure. Likewise, with ample storage, you don’t have to run lean on bringing the right apparel. Start with a breathable base layer, a variety of mid-layers, and a waterproof outer layer. Don’t forget performance socks and warm hats. Also, pack zero-degree-rated sleeping bags and thermal blankets for later on around the fire, weather permitting. When it’s colder, we tend to make campfires burn hotter, so keep a fire extinguisher nearby so things don’t go from toasty to toast. Main point: Take advantage of the season and the storage, by bringing along all the bulky stuff you might need like parkas and insulated boots, and make the story be about how you stayed on the trail an extra hour to experience the sunset from a scenic overlook – not freezing your toes off.

Extended Play: cold weather camping
Winter RV camping can be a blast and you can extend the season when you follow some time-tested best practices when the mercury drops. First and most important: Protect your plumbing! You can go as far as putting on skirting around the base of your RV to block out wind and cold on your tanks and basement. You can also take simple, common-sense measures like keeping bathroom and kitchen cabinets open to allow warm air circulation on pipes and parking in the sun to soak up the most heatwaves. As for keeping yourself cozy, you can maximize heating efficiency by covering up the windows, windscreen with foil-lined reflective insulation and drawing the drapes and shades on windows – you’ll be impressed with the difference in heating efficiency. Read up on the ins and outs of cold-weather RVing and stay out longer. Read a full writeup on winter camping at the KOA blog: https://koa.com/blog/winter-rv…

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