Space Saving Souvenirs

December 15, 2022

Roadtrippers, Vacationers, Full-time Travelers, and Tiny Dwellers all recognize the importance of space! Having the ability to pack and store your necessities while not feeling cramped or weighed down is key. But it’s also nice to reserve a little extra room for a few items you might pick up along the way. Especially those meaningful mementos that remind you of your travels.


Most tourist towns, amusement parks, sought out destinations and experiential adventures are peppered with souvenir shops. Oftentimes offering you tons of tchotchkes, trinkets, and life size stuffed animals. These shops are designed to grab your attention and entice you into purchasing all the items. Especially if you have kids!

Of course, it’s nice to have something to remind you and your family of the places you’ve been, seen and experienced. And you can do this in a meaningful, yet useful way with space saving souvenirs.

If you are of the mindset of collecting more memories and less things, hiring a professional photographer or videographer during your trip might just be for you! Services like Flytographer, Local Lens, and Snappr make it easy for you to find and book a professional photographer in your desired destination. These services have already done the leg work offering you a handful of budget friendly photo packages paired with incredible photographers who know the area in which you are visiting. Professional family photos are not only great to share with family and friends they make for awesome home décor too!

Speaking of home décor, selecting souvenirs with a purpose of being used in your home can be extremely beneficial when trying to be space conscious. Think artwork for your walls, serving bowl for your kitchen, hand towels for your bathroom, or magnets for your fridge. These items could be a daily reminder or talking piece for family and friends to enjoy too.

Stickers, ornaments and postcards are great options for space saving souvenirs as well. Keep your stickers on display by attaching them to your water bottle, hard cooler or suitcase. While Christmas ornaments are typically only used once a year, it’s a great way to remember and share stories about your adventures each year as you decorate your tree. A fun way to remember your travels is to write and mail yourself a postcard. It can double as a journal in a way. Once you have collected a few postcards, store them in a D-ring binder. Another idea is to frame your postcards and turn them into home décor.


Now, the ultimate space saving souvenirs are the ones you eat! Of course, you can enjoy local delicacies while you travel, but think of bringing some home too. Jams, syrups, candies, coffee and more can easily be enjoyed by your family and friends once you’ve returned home.


These are just a few ideas to keep in mind as you travel and look for ways to commemorate your trip. Remember space saving souvenirs don’t always need to be small. It’s best that they are intentional, bring you joy, and make you smile!

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