The weekend is only so long—make the most of it!

September 4, 2020

Got a couple of days? Escape in your RV.

We know it’s great to take a nice, long trip where you can fit in all the fun activities you want to do. But sometimes, you just don’t have the vacation days to do that. Here’s the good news—in your Holiday Rambler, even if you just have a weekend, you can still get out, explore and have a blast. Here are a few tips as you plan your two days away.

Set your limits.

When you’re putting together a short trip, you’ve got to budget your time—and your cash. This will also help you springboard your planning. How long will you be away? How much are you willing to spend? Your answers to these questions will determine how far you go and how many things you do.

Think “backyard,” not “Bali.”

You probably have a list of places you won’t go that stretches across the world. Well, for a weekend excursion, Patagonia’s not gonna be an option. Be realistic and try to stay within a few hours of your home base. That way, you won’t take up all your time behind the wheel and you’ll have more opportunities to be active. Use your social network to find hidden gems that are nearby.

Plan is not a four-letter word. (Well, it is. But not like that.)

We get it—planning isn’t the most fun part of a vacation. But really, the shorter the trip, the more you have to strategize. If you’re a person who likes to go where the wind takes you, you might end up losing a lot of time just figuring what you want to do at the moment. Instead, make a wish list and map it all out. A detailed itinerary lets you factor in time for all the essentials—like driving, meal breaks, and fuel stops. That way, you know how much time you’ll have left for all the FUN stuff—hiking, cycling, rock climbing, etc.

Know when to put your feet up.

After a day of high adrenaline activity, don’t forget some downtime in the evening. Remember, part of a getaway’s purpose is to get some R& R. Take advantage of the nights to chill by a campfire with your favorite brew. The last thing you want is to drive your RV home completely exhausted. So if you’re in “go mode” most of the time, make sure to switch to standby for part of your trip.

Don’t get burned—book it!

With limited time, you can’t afford to wait in line or gamble on getting in last-minute. But with apps and websites for almost everything, you rarely have to anymore. Book your campsite, buy tickets in advance, and make reservations beforehand. Check social media for special events at your chosen destinations that may make them busier than usual—and have a backup plan in case you run into a crowd that’ll slow you down.

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