Things to Do When it Rains on Your Road Trip

October 11, 2021

We admit: We often write all of these adventure blogs assuming it’s always going to be sunny and perfect wherever you go.

The truth is, however, that rain will inevitably show up and try to ruin your vacation. Don’t let it, though. There are a few solid things you can do to have a rewarding road trip, even when the weather won’t cooperate.

Get out in it!
There’s a reason true adventurers invest in quality rain gear. Wearing the right stuff will allow you to hike, explore, and enjoy the great outdoors, even in a rain shower. Just make sure that rain isn’t accompanied by thunder and lightning. We advise against putting yourself in any sort of danger.

Time for a scenic drive
If you’re not in the mood to wander out into the falling water, do the drier thing and explore the area from the comforts of your luxury RV. A long drive in and around your campsite will give you a chance to see the area in a way you wouldn’t if you were hiking, and it will let you choose where to stop if you see something spectacular.

Explore the nearby towns
While you’re taking that scenic drive we just mentioned, plan to spend part of the day exploring the restaurants, shops, and attractions of the towns around your campsite. It’s a great way to support the local economies and make note of the things you’d like to explore in greater depth when the weather’s better.

Camp indoors
For our final rainy-day suggestion, we’re channeling our inner 8-year-old. Put those tent-pitching skills to good use and build yourself a blanket fort right inside your Holiday Rambler. No joke. Make some popcorn, mix some cocktails, and fire up a movie or two. There’s no better way to spend a rainy evening than watching movies under a makeshift shelter of your coziest comforters.

What’s YOUR favorite way to spend a rainy day on your road trip? Drop us a line and let us know!

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