Top 6 Reasons an A-Class is Great for Young Families

February 23, 2021

By: Adventurtunity Family

We’re sharing 6 reasons why we decided that our Holiday Rambler Vacationer A-class motorhome was the best choice for us.

If you are completely new to RVing, you may be a bit overwhelmed with the mountain of choices that are out there. We get it, we were in your shoes just a few short months ago! We struggled for some time before deciding which rig would be best for our family. There are so many different types of RVs to consider from pop-ups to travel trailers to 5th wheels to toy haulers and, of course, motorhomes. But how do you decide which one is right for you and your family?

We’re sharing 6 reasons why we decided that our Holiday Rambler Vacationer A-class motorhome was the best choice for us. And whether it’s a new way to vacation, an upgrade to your current rig or you plan to go all-in and make it your full-time home like us, these reasons should help make your decision a little easier!

1. Put Your Money Where Your House Is
Let’s face it, these days, everyone is keeping a pretty close eye on where their money is going. And whether your RV budget is big or small, you’re going to want to maximize what you can get for what you can spend. That factor alone pushed the A-class to top of the list for us. We decided we wanted our RV budget to get us the most “home” we could get. Coming from a single-family house we were used to space and the comfort that comes with it. With our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, we feel as if we actually have designated rooms. We also have a fully equipped kitchen including oven, cook top, microwave, and a residential fridge. Many 5th wheels offer similar options, but the biggest difference is needing to have a heavy-duty truck to pull it with. Sure, we would have loved to have gotten a sweet truck with all the fun stuff, but that would have significantly impacted the amount of money we could have spent on the RV itself. With a motorhome, there is no tow vehicle needed so that allowed us to spend more of our budget on the thing that counted the most; the living space.

2. Floor Plan
Another big thing to consider in your quest for an RV is the best floorplan and layout for your family. We decided that having bunk beds for our son was an absolute must. We wanted to make sure we could create a special space for him to sleep, play, and really call his own. On top of that, our Vacationer has pocket doors that partition off his bunkbed area completely, essentially making it his own room. And with the half-bath directly across from his bed, he can use the potty without having to leave his room.

Initially, we considered the half-bath as a bonus or a really nice-to-have, but now it is essential!

Another aspect of the floorplan that we love in an A-class, is that you have a full line-of-site all the way through the coach. With little ones running around this is key to being able to keep an eye on them no matter where they are. And the aforementioned partition doors help to keep them closer if need be.

3. Residential Fridge
This is a big one…literally and figuratively! Honestly, when we first started looking at RVs, we didn’t think having a residential fridge would be an option for us. But once we saw that it was, it practically became a must-have. When you have a full-size refrigerator to comfortably store enough fresh food, milk, and frozen items for your family, it makes all the difference in the world. It’s also been a time saver for us in that we only need to shop for groceries once a week and have plenty of room to store over a week’s worth of meals.

Many RV’s of all types are starting to come with a residential size fridge from the factory. One of the benefits of having it an A-class motorhome is that you won’t be giving up a lot of room elsewhere to fit the bigger fridge. And you’ll always have plenty of room for leftovers and a few of your favorite beverages to kick off a camping adventure!

4. Storage for Kids Gear
Storage is always a big sticking point with any RV purchase, especially if you have kids! After you slam in all the bikes, strollers, highchairs, fishing gear, and toys, you’ll be lucky to squeeze in anything for yourselves! With an A-class, there is a lot of storage space underneath in comparison to other types of RVs. And Holiday Rambler does a great job of maximizing storage space on the inside too!

If you’ll be taking extended trips, traveling through climate changes, or living full time in it, you’ll need that extra room for seasonal clothing and shoes, among other things. We are a family of three living full time in our Vacationer where one of us packed way more clothes than she needed, and we still aren’t packed to the gills! Of course, we made sure to pack the camping essentials including leveling blocks, hoses, chairs, tables, lights, and games. Make sure to keep that in mind because it all takes up space too.

5. Travel Days Are Smoother
As a new RVer, you will quickly learn that travel days can be quite hectic! There’s so much to do and anything that makes the process a little less crazy is very welcome. Driving your rig, as opposed to towing it, removes the big step of having to hookup a trailer to a tow vehicle. We know people who have been towing for years and, for them, it’s no big deal. But neither of us had ever really towed anything before and the thought of learning to do so with a huge trailer was not ideal.

We also have a 3-year-old son, and as any parent knows, road trips can be interesting with a toddler. Bathroom breaks at the worst times, the “are we there yet?” chant, accidentally packing the games in the trunk, and heaven help you if you forget the snacks! So, we wanted to make sure he was comfortable on travel days too. In a motorhome, you can still access snacks and games in the front cabinets. And if there’s a need for a potty break, just pull safely off to the side of the road and use your own clean bathroom. It’s way better than rolling the dice with a gas station restroom! As a bonus, if you are the driver, you’re almost out of earshot of the “are we there yet?”!

Another benefit of driving an A-class motorhome on travel days is the automatic leveling system. It’s definitely one of our favorite parts. This makes arrival and setup so much easier and faster! You can park and have everything level in a matter of minutes…at the touch of a button! You’ll have more time to enjoy with your family and get the campfire going!

6. Go Where You Want to Go
Something that was very important to us as an outdoor-loving family was the ability to go on adventures to some really cool places! So, of course, we wanted a rig that could take us to those places comfortably and ably. Our Holiday Rambler is built on a sturdy Ford chassis and drivetrain that gets us where we want to go, even if it’s a little off the beaten path. And it has the power to pull our tow-behind vehicle with ease, whether the road is flat or gets a little steep. The best part is that our motorhome is all self-contained. So, when we want to get off the grid for a few nights, all we need to do is fill the propane, put some water in the fresh water tank and we are good to go! Once we get to our location, we just crank up the onboard generator and enjoy!

There really are so many reasons we love our A-class motorhome. When we decided to move from our sticks and bricks house into an RV, we really wanted to find one that felt like home. And in all our searching, our Holiday Rambler checked that box in a big way! So, whether you plan to use it for family vacations or as your full-time home on wheels, we definitely think you should consider an A-class in your search! It will take you where you want to go and beyond!

-Spencer, Kristi, & Kade

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