Up for the holidays.

December 23, 2020

What’s your holiday looking like?

Skiing? Snowboarding? Snowmobiling? Ice fishing? Tailgating at the game? The list goes on and on, but in your Holiday Rambler, anything’s possible! Before you travel, we’ve got some tips and hacks to make the trip with maximum enjoyment and least hassle. Want to share your adventure! Tag us with a pic on our socials with #HRholidays!

Packing hacks.
No matter how many gadgets, tools, features and brilliant ideas for RVing, there’s always someone coming up with new hacks. Sometimes, we’re reintroduced to some low-tech solutions that are perfect for today’s travel. Here’s a few ideas that we think are pretty keen.

Trash and smash. Use a collapsible laundry basket (you know the big round one with the giant spring inside) as an outdoor trash bin. Line it with a strong trash bag and you’ve got an instant big trash bin. When you break camp, take the bag out and collapse the bin flat to stow with almost zero space penalty.

Bungee cords galore. You can’t have enough of these guys around when you need to squeeze something smaller or hold something open or closed, or keep something anchored. Get yourself a tote and fill it with a wide variety of different length bungees with hooks, ball ends and some paracord as well. After only a few trips the tote will be the real MVP of your adventure.

Harness the power: Care and feeding of your trailer harness.
You might be pulling a vehicle with your Holiday Rambler, an enclosed toy hauler or open trailer full of snow machines. Those who tow, you need to know: keeping your trailer harness clean, dry and protected from wear and injury is super-important. This is especially true in winter, when the road and elements seem to wage war on electrical connectors, wires and sockets.

Make sure your contact leads are clean and lubricated with a sealing dielectric grease to ensure a strong electrical current and to seal out moisture. Inspect and repair any abrasions or damage to the harness casing. This can be accomplished through a number of repair products, from simple electrical tape, to special sleeves and looms. Also, make sure the routing of the harness between the trailer and RV avoids sharp edges and binding when turning.

And let’s face it: trailer wiring and harnesses are so frequently damaged or become corroded, they’re considered a wear item. So, a great hack is to purchase an identical hookup to the one you have currently. That way, when it does go bad or is damaged out on the road, you’ll have another one right there, ready to go, wire for wire, connector for connector. Take that, electrical gremlins!

Distill and chill.
The iconic Bourbon Trail winds its way through Kentucky between Louisville and Frankfort as well as other small towns, all unified by the unique limestone aquifers that supply the great tasting waters of Kentucky bourbon. A stop by the Wild Turkey Distillery is as much a sight for the eyes as it is for the tastebuds. A tasting of their product takes place at a scenic river overlook that ties in with the stories of how barrels of Wild Turkey would be strapped together on makeshift barges that would find their final destination at the port of New Orleans. The tasting features a range of Wild Turkey products, including the Longbranch whisky, inspired by actor Matthew McConaughey.


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