Winter wonderland.

December 14, 2020

Weather doesn't stop the fun.

Cool temps and a blanket of snow can be the invitation to chase winter adventure in your Holiday Rambler. Check out all the season has to offer! For those who crave winter sports and activities, the season of adventure is heating up! Got a favorite outdoor winter activity? Tag us on our socials with #HRepic so we can join in on the fun!

Winter sports roundup: Chasing the cold to win the gold.
Your Holiday Rambler is your mobile HQ for winter fun and adventure, no matter where your travels take you. With plenty of storage for gear and ample heating capabilities, it’s your mobile basecamp for winter adventure. So, what winter sports are you looking to try? Here’s some epic winter sporting activities that should make your bucket list.

Ice yachting/Snow kayaking
Ice yachts are similar to sailboats in that they traverse lakes, but feature skates on the bow and outriggers for biting the ice and generating speed. Originating in the Scandinavian countries ice yachting has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years and is fun for more than just one—ice yachts can hold 6 to 7 people, and everyone works together to counterbalance the force of the wind as you speed across the ice at impressive speeds. Snow kayaking is similar, but newer with one-person kayaks, sails and outriggers. Slightly simpler than ice yachting, snow kayaking offers similar thrills and the rigs can fit into most RV storage basements for portability.

Dog sledding
Combining sledding with man’s best friend, sled dogging has origins that date back hundreds, if not thousands of years. The most famous of sled dog races is the Iditarod Trail Invitational in which dozens of sled dog teams cover the 350-mile journey. Closer by in the lower 48 are a number of other racing events and places to experience and try sled dogging over short or long distances. Mush!

With the rapid advancing technologies of design, materials and engines, snow machines have become the recreation and sport of choice for thousands of RV’ers. And you don’t have to own and maintain sleds to get in on the fun—many winter destinations throughout the Northeast, Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions offer sled rentals and guided tours through some of the most amazing winter scenery imaginable! Riding one-up or two-up sleds with a group of friends is a great time for all.

XC skiing/Snowshoeing
For those into physical fitness, these two sports are high on the list to take the place of warm-weather biking and running for healthy cardio workouts. The great thing about each of these sports is that the equipment is relatively inexpensive, and you can do them virtually anywhere there’s snow. Many enthusiasts combine the two, using skis to cover long distances or trails, then strapping on the snowshoes to climb to a scenic overlook, then telemark skiing back down.

The rest of the list
How many of these winter sports have you taken on?

  • Ice skating
  • Snow kiting
  • Shovel racing
  • Ice diving
  • Ice hockey
  • Downhill skiing
  • Heli-skiing
  • Dog sledding
  • Ice climbing

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Keeping winter at bay.
Ok, you’ve got the gear to take part in outdoor winter activities and brave the elements, but how to keep the outdoors outside? With a little planning and some helpful devices, you can keep the inside of your Holiday Rambler warm, clean and dry. First, think about your entranceway. A coarse outdoor boot mat can wipe off the lion’s share of mud and snow, making sure It doesn’t come any further. Depending on the extremes in weather, a mid-tray inside to take off shoes and boots and a taller melting tray to place wet and snow-covered gear can keep carpet dry. Extra trays also store easily in the cargo areas, so it’s a good idea to store extras. After snow and ice have melted down, simply empty trays into the kitchen sink.

Next, if you don’t already have some boot or glove dryers, you should take a look at the types available, as many are inexpensive and very effective. Most are the upright variety, with two vertical tubes that blow fresh air into the liners. There’s nothing like putting on a nice, dry pair of boots or gloves every time. Once you’ve used these dryers, you’ll wonder how you did without them!

Distill and chill.
The Rocky Mountains and their iconic flowing streams are home to a wide range of breweries, especially in the Front Range, all from Fort Collins down to Colorado Springs. One of the places that caught our attention was the Pike’s Peak Brewing Company, located about halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs. Featuring a scenic exterior and a full range of ales, lagers and stouts, Pike’s Peak is currently offering a seasonal Summit House Oatmeal Stout that’s even available in cans so you can take the flavor with you in your Holiday Rambler and enjoy a refreshing pint after a day on the slopes!

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