Adventurtunity Family Shares Video Diary of Full-Time RV Life

September 23, 2021

DECATUR, IN – Sept. 23, 2021 – This September marks one year since the Adventurtunity Family began living the RV life full time. In 2020, Spencer and Kristi quit their corporate jobs, sold their home and most of their possessions, and purchased a Class A, 2017 Holiday Rambler Vacationer® 36H. Together with their now four-year-old son, Kade, the family hit the open road.

Holiday Rambler is an award-winning RV brand that is part of REV Recreation Group, Inc., a subsidiary of REV Group, Inc. The Holiday Rambler 2022 line features four diesel and three gas motorhomes.

Holiday Rambler® has partnered with the Adventurtunity Family to chronicle their experiences as they travel the United States and released a series of candid and endearing videos – one from each family member’s point of view. The videos can be found on the Holiday Rambler blog.

According to Kristi, while the family was initially looking for a Class C RV, once she stepped into the Vacationer, she immediately knew it was “the one.”

“Holiday Rambler does such a good job of thinking about families and including features that make RV living easier. It’s all the small details that really make a difference. We have storage in so many places for clothes, games, toys, dog supplies and the little extras we pick up along the way. Plus, it may sound strange, but we absolutely love the cabinet we have for dirty laundry and the fact that we have a few open spaces we can personalize with family pictures and décor. Those touches really make it feel like home,” says Kristi.

Kristi’s Story

Kristi shares the origin story of the Adventurtunity Family and how she first brought up the RV life topic with Spencer. She never thought he’d be open to the idea since he wasn’t a “camping person.” But, a few months later, Spencer was the one who found the Holiday Rambler Vacationer the family now owns. The couple was originally considering a Class C but once they toured the Vacationer, they realized how much more living space they would have. Now, after some changes and sacrifices, Kristi says she’s grateful that she gets “to wake up with [her] husband and son and spend the day with them…Growing up, I just never even knew that was an option – that you could find a way to live every day with your family.”

Spencer’s Story

Spencer’s video covers the joys of life on the road, advantages of a Class A, and the family’s search for the best donuts in the country. Spencer freely admits he was a “hotel person” and never imagined he’d be living in an RV. Now he can’t imagine not doing it and says “this is living.” As the primary driver, Spencer appreciates the expansive windshield of the family’s Class A Holiday Rambler. “It’s one of my favorite parts of driving through places like Jackson Hole and the mountains and Utah. It’s just as much beauty as your eyes can hold.” And, while he had never driven a Class A before, Spencer now knows his “rig” and is completely comfortable driving it. As for their donut quest, the trio has eaten their way through pastries of all shapes, sizes, and prices and, along the way, are happy to report they’ve discovered some pretty amazing ones.

Kade’s RV Tour

While Kade is the youngest member of the family, his RV tour steals the show. The clearly excited and energetic youngster begins with the cab where he points out the “driving wheel” and “the something that makes it turn on.” Ruko Blu, the family’s new puppy, makes a special appearance when Kade identifies Ruko’s chair “because he loves it” and his eating space. There’s also a quick visit to his learning board, bunk bed, and a nod to “his stuff.” The remainder of the interior tour includes a mention of Ruko’s cage, a wall, mom and dad’s bed and kitchen drawers with “cooking stuff.”

But the tour isn’t done because outside is where, according to Kade, there’s cool stuff. He quickly unlocks a series of storage bays to share his favorites toys – a bulldozer, excavator, and “yellow construction trucks.” The rest of the bays house “grill stuff” and then three bays dedicated to “poop stuff.” There’s also the “Christmas tree holder” and wheel chocks which Kade proclaims he’s strong enough to lift “like a monster.” The tour concludes with Kade delivering his final wise words as he plays in the dirt, “That’s what my RV does. Does everything just like my arms.”

To learn more about the Adventurtunity Family’s life on the road, visit the Holiday Rambler blog or Instagram page.

Additional Adventurtunity Family images are available here.

Adventurtunity Family

Meet Spencer, Kristi and Kade, a.k.a. the Adventurtunity Family! In September 2020, they embarked on an adventure to live full-time in their 37′ Holiday Rambler Vacationer. Originally from Baltimore, they have traveled the country in their RV and are sharing their adventures, insight and tips with others in the hopes of inspiring them to hit the road and explore, too.

Learn more about the Adventurtunity Family here!

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